About Brainstormer 💡

Hi 👋

I'm Lone, and I am the maker of this tool.

I reside in Copenhagen, where I work with product management. In that role, I often facilitate different kinds of creative processes, which is something I really enjoy!

During the covid-19 lockdown, when everything suddenly had to be online, I realized how much extra effort you have to put into remote facilitation, and I wanted to do something about it!

I decided to make a tool that facilitators would love! ✨

What I wanted to achieve was to:

  • make it really easy to get started - you should be able to start brainstorming in the blink of an eye 👁
  • make the whole process tailored - you shouldn't spend too much time thinking about how to facilitate a session, but rather focus on what you want to do 🚀
  • make the experience of brainstorming light and fun - the best ideas come when people are having a good time 🎉

What do you think? 💖

Let me know what I can do to improve Brainstormer.

Best regards,

Lone Kjeldgaard